Upgrading of Xiaohongmeng WWTP to the First Cambi Advanced Anaerobic Digestion Project in Beijing—Design, Construction and Commissioning

Liao, Z., Zhang, R. Chen,Y. Huang, O. and Weng, Y.

Proc of the European Biosolids and Organic Resources Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2016


In this paper, we describe the strategy formulation of sludge treatment in Beijing Drainage Group with “1-5-1” symbol: 1-one main technological solution with Thermal Hydrolysis Advanced Digestion, 5-five large scale sludge projects, and 1-one disposal solution with biosolids for land application. As one of the first projects implemented for upgrading, Xiaohongmen WWTP has upgraded the existing traditional sludge digestion with five egg-shaped digesters into Thermal Hydrolysis Advanced Digestion based on pre-dewatering of both primary sludge and secondary sludge, CambiTHP® system, upgrading of existing egg-shaped digesters, installation of chamber filter presses, and reject water treatment with ReNoCar® deammonification process developed by Beijing Drainage Group. This paper is focusing on the main design issues for Xiaohongmen sludge treatment, the construction procedure, and the primary results of commissioning since 18 July 2016.