High-quality biosolids

Sludge sterilisation at high temperature and pressure, followed by steam explosion, effectively destroys both pathogens and smelly bacteria.

The end product after anaerobic digestion is without pathogen regrowth and sudden increase. Resulting biosolids have low odour, with benefits both for the working environment at the wastewater treatment plant and for the nearby communities. The sterilisation meets the most stringent regulations for organic waste treatment, resulting in excellent quality, so-called Class A biosolids. 

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Cambi cake from Aberdeen Nig 1

Aberdeen - Nigg

Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in Scotland, UK in operation since 2001. Operated by Scottish Water.
CambiTHP - Basingstoke UK 1


Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in Basingstoke, in operation since 2018. Operated by Thames Water.
Low volume of high quality biosolids

Improved biosolids dewatering

Thermal hydrolysis reduces the volume of biosolids for disposal