A 2024 guide to key water, wastewater, biosolids conferences

As we venture into 2024, professionals in the water, wastewater, and biosolids sectors are presented with many opportunities for growth, learning, and networking. From global summits to regional gatherings, the year ahead is brimming with events that promise to shape the future of water management and technology. While most conferences are now taking place in person, some also offer the option to attend online, giving you excellent opportunities to meet and share insights from change-makers from the comfort of your own screen.

Dive into our list of our most anticipated conferences of the year.

LATAM Water Summit

17 - 18 January 2024 | Santiago | Chile

This summit focuses on water solutions and technologies relevant to Latin America and brings together senior executives from the public and private sectors across multiple Latin American countries for discussions and networking. The event covers topics like regulation, investment policies, and project partnerships in the water and sanitation sector. Overall, the LATAM Water Summit is an excellent opportunity for attendees to gain insights into current trends, meet decision-makers, and explore business opportunities in the region's water and sanitation industry.


World Water Tech Innovation Summit

20 - 21 February 2024 | London | United Kingdom

The summit is a key event for global disruptors in the water sector, gathering progressive water enterprises, regulatory bodies, engineering firms, technology giants, investors, and visionaries. It focuses on proactive asset management, circular solutions, and resilience against climate events. The World Water Innovation Summit is crucial for those interested in collaboration, investment, and innovation in the water sector, offering interactive discussions, executive briefings, and networking opportunities. Attendees can also expect to engage with senior-level stakeholders and explore sustainable financing, circular energy systems, emerging contaminants, and smart asset monitoring, among other topics.


WEX Global 2024  

4 - 6 March 2024 | Madrid | Spain

This conference stands out for its focus on the intersection of water, energy, and climate change. It attracts a diverse group of stakeholders including high-level water and energy experts, business professionals, and innovators. WEX Global emphasizes the exchange of ideas, business opportunities, and methodologies, with key topics including water management, digital innovation in water systems, climate-conscious water stewardship, and leveraging water reuse. It is an ideal platform for professionals seeking to engage in the circular economy, mitigate climate change, and explore sustainable solutions.


Global Water Summit 2024  

15-17 April 2024 | London | United Kingdom

GWS is a premier event in the water industry, known for its high-level discussions on the water market and policy. It attracts high-level executives from industry, municipalities, and international water companies. The Global Water Summit is crucial for exploring key issues like water security, climate change, and water investment's role in global stability. Attendees benefit from networking opportunities, industry insights, and discussions on current trends and future directions in water management and policy​.


Shanghai Climate Week

April 2024 | Shanghai | China

Shanghai Climate Week is an initiative focusing on addressing climate change and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its mission is to showcase China's efforts in combating climate change, elevate the voices from new economic entities and developing countries in Asia, and promote the establishment of international standards related to climate action. The event aims for "China Actions, Asia Voice, Global Standard," attracting a wide range of stakeholders, including policymakers, industry leaders, environmental advocates, and researchers, to discuss climate-related topics and foster global and regional cooperation.



30 April - 2 May | Melbourne | Australia

Australia's premier water conference, Ozwater, addresses the critical water issues in the Australasian region. With a decades long history, the conference is known for promoting excellence, networking, and international engagement in the water sector. Attendees typically include industry experts, researchers, and practitioners, all coming together to discuss current challenges and advancements in water management and technology. Ozwater is an ideal platform for networking, learning about the latest trends, and exploring innovative solutions in the water industry.


IWA Conference on Sustainable Sludge Management

17 - 25 May 2024 | Beijing | China

The IWA Conference on Sustainable Sludge Management is an event that brings together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and industry representatives globally to address the complex challenges of sludge management. It covers a broad range of topics including sludge production, treatment processes, agricultural reuse, and disposal solutions, aiming to foster knowledge exchange and collaborations. The event is significant for anyone involved in water and waste management, seeking innovative and sustainable solutions in the field.


Biennial WISA 2024 Conference

27 - 29 May 2024 | Durban, KwaZulu-Natal | South Africa

The Water Institute of Southern Africa's conference focuses on sustainable water management in the African context. This conference is a key gathering for professionals involved in the water and related sectors, discussing various issues and solutions pertaining to water security. The event is critical for stakeholders, including industry experts, policymakers, and practitioners, due to its focus on topics like climate change, water demand, infrastructure needs, and the broader impacts of water on society and the environment. In summary, the WISA conference provides an excellent platform for creating collaborative mechanisms, sharing knowledge, and discussing implementation strategies to address these pressing challenges.


WEF/IWA 2024 Residuals and Biosolids Conference

18 - 21 June 2024 | Oklahoma, OK | United States

With a focus on biosolids management, this conference brings together experts to discuss the latest trends and technologies in the industry. It's a key event for professionals in the water and wastewater sectors in general as well. Attendees can expect to explore new technologies, successful innovations, and best practices for long-term success in biosolids programs. The WEF/IWA event includes pre-conference workshops, exhibitions, and various sessions, making it an excellent opportunity for learning, networking, and discussing industry advancements.


Singapore International Water Week

18 - 22 June 2024 | Singapore

SIWW is a global platform for sharing and co-creating innovative water, coastal, and flood solutions. It is one of the world's leading events to address urban water and climate challenges. The event attracts a diverse group of stakeholders, including government representatives, industry experts, academics, and professionals from the water sector. Discussions at Singapore International Water Week cover a wide range of topics, such as climate resilience, digital water solutions, net-zero strategies, resource circularity, and sustainability. Attendees benefit from networking opportunities, learning about the latest technologies, and participating in various flagship programs and platforms designed to foster collaboration and innovation in the water industry.


IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

11 - 15 August 2024 | Toronto | Canada

This is a major global event for water professionals that changes host countries each year, highlighting the host country’s specific achievements and challenges to educate the wider public. Organized by the International Water Association, the congress proudly covers the entire water cycle and convenes not just water professionals, but representatives from other fields related to water management such as agriculture, IT, finance, and more. Participants can expect to discuss the latest developments in the water sector in this biennial event. The IWA World Water Congress is an essential event for anyone involved in the water industry, with an especially big draw from Northern America.


5 - 9 October 2024 | New Orleans, Louisiana | United States

This US conference is renowned as a leading source of water quality innovation and solutions, with a great exhibition floor boasting of technologies from over 800 industry-leading providers. It gathers a diverse range of stakeholders, including professionals in the water quality, wastewater, and stormwater sectors. Attendees can expect to experience cutting-edge solutions, engage in comprehensive educational sessions, and network with industry experts. The conference and exhibition provide a platform to explore the latest in water quality education and training, making it a must-attend event for professionals in the field.

European Biosolids & Bioresources Conference and Exhibition

19 - 20 November 2024 | Manchester | United Kingdom & Online

This event is a must-attend for those looking to explore the latest research and practices in biosolids in Europe. Attracting many global professionals, this conference offers a platform for learning about the latest innovations, best practices, and research in the field. It features over industry-leading speakers, an exhibition hall with innovative technologies, and extensive networking opportunities. This conference is ideal for those looking to stay informed about industry developments and forge valuable connections.


IFAT Series

· IFAT Brazil

24 - 26 April 2024 | São Paulo | Brazil

· IFAT Munich

13 - 17 May 2024 | Munich | Germany

· IE expo in China

18 - 20 April 2024 | Shanghai | China

26 - 28 June 2024 | Chengdu | China

September 2024 | Shenzen | China

· IFAT India

16 - 18 October 2024 | Mumbai | India


The IFAT series is a leading global trade fair that tackles the bigger umbrella of environmental technologies. It encompasses technologies for water, sewage, waste, and raw materials management. Scheduled to take place in various global locations, including Munich, Shanghai, São Paulo, and others in 2024, it provides an international platform for highlighting innovative solutions and discussing industry challenges. Key stakeholders attending include professionals from municipalities, environmental technology industries, and waste management sectors. Attendees benefit from exploring new technologies, networking opportunities, and learning about the latest trends and developments in environmental management.


Why attend water, wastewater and biosolids conferences

Over the years, Cambi has identified the above events as vital in establishing the right connections in the water, wastewater, and biosolids industries. Attending these have benefitted our talent base and overall organization in the following areas:

  1. Knowledge Sharing: These conferences have provided us with a platform for learning about the latest research, technologies, and innovations in these fields, while also occasionally being our preferred venues for sharing our own expertise and studies.
  2. Networking: These events offer great opportunities to connect with industry experts, peers, and potential collaborators, fostering professional relationships. It’s important, of course, to choose the events within or near the region you are interested in.
  3. Skill Development: Attending the workshops and presentations at the listed conferences has helped us in enhancing our technical and management skills relevant to the sector.
  4. Industry Trends: These conferences highlight current trends and future directions, helping us stay informed and ahead in our field. A thorough awareness of the sector’s developments helps increase our drive for innovation.
  5. Collaboration Opportunities: These events present chances to engage in collaborations and partnerships, which can be crucial for career growth and business development. When able, Cambi will invite event participants to site visits near the conference’s city to showcase our technology upfront.

Overall, these events are key for professional growth and staying updated in the rapidly evolving water and environmental sectors.

As we navigate the waters of change and innovation, these gatherings will undoubtedly chart the course for a sustainable and efficient future in water management. Each conference has its unique focus and opportunities, so choosing the ones that align best with your professional goals and interests is key.

Keep an eye on Cambi’s event calendar for the latest engaging and informative conferences in the sector.

05 February 2024


Anda Somodea

Anda Șomodea is the Marketing Director at Cambi. She has a passion for interesting technologies and using them to create strategies that connect the business with potential customers.
Anda Somodea, Marketing Director at Cambi