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Sludge dewatering: How does thermal hydrolysis improve dewaterability?

Dr. Kine Svensson explains how sludge characteristics influence dewaterability and how Cambi's thermal hydrolysis process has been proven to alter key sludge properties and improve digestate dewaterability, thereby helping wastewater treatment plants reduce their biosolids volumes.

30 December 2021

An introduction to sewage sludge and sludge treatment

Learn about the basics of sewage sludge and sludge treatment, its primary steps, actors, and significance for public health and the environment.

15 August 2021

Cambi Flexishaft pumps: Low maintenance pumps for thermal hydrolysis

A collaboration between Cambi and NOV Inc. using the latter’s Flexishaft design resulted in a new generation of progressive cavity pumps for thermal hydrolysis, with improved maintenance intervals and performance.

01 July 2021