Jarocin, Poland

Jarocin - Cielcza

Country: Poland

Client: Jarocin Waterworks

Solution: CambiTHP - B2

Jarocin - Cielcza

The modernisation of the Cielcza sewage treatment plant will be one of the most significant components in an overall project upgrading the water supply and wastewater system of Jarocin city and county. Advanced anaerobic digestion using Cambi's thermal hydrolysis process will help the project contribute to the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) and Poland's goal to reduce phosphorus in its waterways.  

The plant also intends to land-apply the eventual biosolids fertiliser produced by the system. The Cambi unit is scheduled for commissioning in 2022.

A map snippet of the plant location

CambiTHP - B2

CambiTHP B2

B2 thermal hydrolysis model
Thermal hydrolysis before anaerobic digestion

THP before anaerobic digestion

Thermal hydrolysis before anaerobic digestion
CambiTHP - Tarnow Poland


Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in Tarnów, Poland delivered to Tarnowskie Wodociągi in 2017.


Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant delivered to Chemwik for Bygdoszcz Poland, in operation since 2006.
Cambi plant in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw - Południe

Cambi's first intermediate thermal hydrolysis plant will be delivered to the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company of Warsaw in 2022.