Thermophilic digestion vs THP+MAD: Proj. SARASWATI 2.0 results

Dive into Project Saraswati 2.0's study results comparing thermophilic digestion with thermal hydrolysis and MAD, a collaborative effort by India and the EU

21 June 2024

Industrial Emissions Directive: EU Wastewater Sector Impact

Explore the revised EU regulations shaping the wastewater industry, the Industrial Emissions Directive and the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive

14 May 2024

DC Water Bloom: A biosolids for land application success story

Learn how DC Water, a world-leading utility, made and launched an excellent biosolids product for land application called Bloom

19 April 2024

Sludge dryers: Optimize energy use with thermal hydrolysis

Discover how sludge dryers can increase capacity and contribute to optimizing wastewater utilities' energy costs with thermal hydrolysis.

05 March 2024

A 2024 guide to key water, wastewater, biosolids conferences

Dive into our list of the most anticipated water, wastewater, and biosolids conferences of the year.

05 February 2024

The Mark II upgrade – a boost for THP capacity

Discover the advantages of a Mark II upgrade for THP systems

25 January 2024

Sludge incineration and the thermal hydrolysis advantage

Explore how and why thermal hydrolysis is being adopted by more utilities for sewage sludge incineration

09 January 2024

ISO 45001:2018 certification - our health and safety pledge

Learn how Cambi’s ISO 45001:2018 certification enables us to prioritize health and safety at work for everyone.

13 November 2023

The wastewater circular economy: an untapped resource

Explore how reimagining wastewater can contribute to a circular economy, creating a ripple effect of benefits for our planet and its inhabitants.

30 October 2023

Anaerobic Digestion for Sewage Sludge Management

Sludge treatment facilities have been using the process of anaerobic digestion for over a century to treat, reduce, and make use of sewage sludge. Below is a primer on anaerobic digestion and its products and benefits, an overview of the process and types of digesters, as well as an introduction to its relevance in the wastewater and sludge industry.

15 April 2022

Three decades of innovation: An interview with the CTO on Cambi’s 30th anniversary

Cambi CTO Hans Rasmus Holte shares his decades-rich experience with Cambi, from the factors that brought the technology company success in their early years to what's in store for thermal hydrolysis and the sludge industry.

31 January 2022

Sludge dewatering: How does thermal hydrolysis improve dewaterability?

Dr. Kine Svensson explains how sludge characteristics influence dewaterability and how Cambi's thermal hydrolysis process has been proven to alter key sludge properties and improve digestate dewaterability, thereby helping wastewater treatment plants reduce their biosolids volumes.

11 January 2022